Jump! is an 3D arcade game. The ball jumps through tunnels in galaxies full of traps and puzzles to reach and destroy the secret base.

The game is made by the people of the 90s Amiga demo scene.
Programming and graphics: Kefir/Union
Music: XTD/Lamers

The work is coming to an end. The engine, music and game logic are finished. The graphics, gameplay and level maps are being polished.

Download the demo version: Link

  • The game has 28 levels
  • 5 music tracks
  • resolution 320x256 in 256 colors
  • You control the game with joystick or keyboard.

Hardware requirements:

Amiga 1200 14MHz with at least 6MB of fast ram. This configuration ensures full gameplay smoothness.

The full version

In the boxed version you will receive:

  • Glossy cardboard box.
  • game on a CD and USB device.
  • instruction manual and interviews with the authors.
  • a surprise gadget.

Accepted forms of payment are: PayPal, bank transfer.

Planned shipping date: When development of the game is completed.

The price of the boxed version is 45 euro.
The price of digital copy is 29 euro.

Shipping costs via DHL Parcel

Shipping costs via UPS

It is possible to send a larger quantity with one parcel. The price is set individually.

Change log








v0.9b (10.05.2022)

v0.9b (12.04.2022)

v0.85a (10.09.2021)

v0.80a (01.04.2021)

v0.60 (22.08.2020)


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